Bruce Flax – Retired


I have been in the insurance business since 1980. For many years I worked as a field representative for The Hartford, and visited many Independent Agents, speaking with many of their clients personally. A common desire for the clients was that they wanted to talk to the same person, especially at claim time; even years ago people wanted personal attention. The 800 numbers and websites for everything have their place, but I believe are quite annoying. A claim representative overseas or across the country does not have your personal satisfaction as a primary objective. They will never see you, and very often if you have to contact the company for a second time, in most cases you will have to repeat your situation all over again.

I began Burlington Insurance in 1993 because I wanted to have a “small” agency where people, not machines answered the phone. Where a client could call or stop in and speak to the same person. I wanted what everyone wants; a local, family type business where people got excellent service. Sure, price is important, but only after excellent claim handling and personal service. After 30 + years of insuring regular folks with old fashioned personal service I continue to provide the same type of respect and service that I would like for myself.

My children are the 7th generation in Burlington. My wife’s family settled in town in 1812. I am committed to the town. My wife’s grandmother, Laura Barnes started our local library. Her Grandfather was our first selectman one-hundred years ago. Both my wife Lois and I have been silently active in town with Cub Scouts, The Lions Club and other worthy endeavors around town. After two hundred years on the same property we are committed to an old fashioned, comfortable friendly business.

Time does go on. A priority for my peace of mind was to be able to continue this agency for another 25 years with the same personal touch. I was fortunate that about twenty years ago my oldest son befriended Peter Bevivino. Peter is from town and now lives with his young family in Harwinton. Peter has the same plan that I have. Run the agency just like agencies were run for decades. That means personal service. Solving problems, and making all our clients comfortable with their insurance package.

If your interests are just plain old-fashioned, friendly service, not just at the sale, but at a claim time too, I look forward to speaking to you. You will never be pressured. You can buy insurance from us, but I will not sell it to you.

On a personal note, I will be here at least two more years, seeing clients, writing business and solving problems. Also, just as I have been doing since the summer of 1980, I will take some long weekends to walk in the woods with my dogs, visit my kids in the Lake Champlain area, and be around the house to annoy my wife.